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Best Places to Rent. Interactive book production:

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An illustrated book published by teNeues Media produced by Cool Cities Media with Martin Nicholas Kunz. Every page in the book can be easily linked with the image recognition app ayscan An expertly-curated collection of the best holiday rentals around the world and unique travel adventures. A richly-illustrated compendium for refined travelers looking for the relaxation, exclusivity, or super special experience. Page after page of travel inspiration, from mountain retreats to city getaways to safari tours. We all dream of taking an unforgettable holiday off the beaten track: to be stunned by unique destinations, new cultures, or breathtaking nature. And when money is no object, there are almost no limits to the wanderlust.In stunning pictures and evocative texts, Best Places to Rent on the Planet presents the most beautiful and exclusive holiday rentals—by the sea, in the mountains, for city getaways, and rural retreats. Alongside these exclusive holiday homes, you’ll find a lineup of luxury journeys and inspiring travel adventures around the world— from state-of-the-art yachts to private islands and safari tours. Curated by luxury travel experts, this is a high-class travel book brimming with inspiration for every taste and mood.Whether you’re looking for relaxation and seclusion, individual round-the-clock service, or adventures, you’re sure to find your own travel paradise within these pages.

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