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Video: Underwater Gourmet

German born chef de cuisine Bjoern Van den Oever setup one of the most exciting and unique gourmet temples 5.8 Underwater at Hurawalhi Maldives. Bjoern is furthermore an incredible food artist. We are waiting desperately for his cooking book. Watch the video and meet a chef par excellence who is both, an amazing creative but also so much down on earth. He's going on his world trip... However, he left his footprints at Hurawalhi. Undersea 5.8

The search for the elusive gastronomical heaven appears to be over: the spectacular 5.8 dazzles and delights diners with a multi-course tasting extravaganza, garnished with a state-of-the-art location. 5.8 is as much a fine dining culinary delight as it is an extraordinary design masterpiece – paired, you can sate your appetite and dive into the pleasure of having a view that but a few restaurants in the world afford.

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