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STUTTGART new on Cool Cities

With the latest addition of Stuttgart Cool Cities now features 6 German cities and a total of 25 Cities worldwide, in the countries of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Turkey, Brazil and the United States.

Stuttgart is the capital of the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg and obviously famous for his car brands Mercedes and Porsche. Beside those well known car manufacturers the Stuttgart region is home for hidden champions. Quite a few-mid size companies are world market leaders in their specific industries. The city is located between hills and vineyards, first German state capital with a mayor of the green party Die Grünen, with the summer festival Jazz Open, great Opera house, Germany's highest density of architects and lots of cultural events it is one of Germany's most underestimated destination. Cool Cities is a platform for global nomads to explore hidden gems, exchange experiences, creativity and great ideas. Cool Cities also is a visual guide to handpicked hotels, restaurants, cafés, clubs, bars, lounges, shops, and other highlights in vibrant cities around the world. Packed with stunning color photographs, hidden gems, featuring local heros, movers and shakers, as well as people like you and me. Cool Cities showcases a wealth of practical information for the daily life and about traveling, ensuring that you always feel local, wherever you are. Independent if you are a short time visitor, expat or permanent resident.


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