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The package contains a high quality "interactive" coffee table book, an app with augmented reality function and feature on the Website COOL ESCAPES 

The interactive mix of print and digital publications will showcase intensive and innovative inside views on the natural beauty of the tropical "Island of God" with it's rich culture and stunning architecture.  It will present about 80 points of interests in accommodation, eat & drin, shopping, highlights and many hidden gems. Enriched with people portraits  behind the scenes, such as local craftsmen, artists, musicians as well as inventors, chefs, and resort owners.

The augmented reality function in the app will connect the coffee table book with additional videos, short documentaries, recipes of signature dishes and cocktails with ingredient shopping lists to download and, many other exciting surprises. 

Together with teNeues Publishing Group in 2014 we started a series of complete new, innovative and unique multimedia packages, which includes a coffee table book and app with an augmented reality function to bring books to life. 

On the market are interactive coffee table books Cool Escapes Mallorca, Ibiza, Mauritius,  Maldives (summer 2018) as well as Honeymoon and Cool Cities Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, Milan, London, New York and Paris.

Based on the amazing feedback of these exciting packages, we have decided to set „Cool Escapes Balis“ on our schedule to be released in winter 2018.


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See sample of Cool Escapes Maldives:

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