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90 Years BMW Motorrad

App & Interactive Coffee Table Book with teNeues 

90 Years BMW

90 Years BMW

CLIENT: BMW Motorrad


PUBLISHING DIRECTOR:  Martin Nicholas Kunz


TEXT: Jürgen Gassebner, Martin Bölt

PHOTO EDITOR:  David Burghardt,

DESIGN, LAYOUT: Christin Steirat

COPY EDITOR:  Dr. Simone Bischoff, Seamus Mullarkey

PREPRESS: Moritz Meyer-Buck
PUBLISHED by teNeues 

APP developped by Alex da Franca

The interactive coffee table book and app examine the history of BMW Motorrad, not just as a classic retrospective but also connects the past to the present through impressive stories and images. Exceptional photography showcases the most popular motorcycles alongside some enticing rarities.


Over time, we witness how the brand has incorporated leading technology into some of the most remarkable designs ever produced. Constantly at the forefront of design and technology, BMW Motorrad has consistently created motorcycles that have become legends in their own right.


Always ahead of its rivals, BMW Motorrad continues to develop new innovations, designs and ideas that point the way forward. So, whether taking a trip across a continent or just zipping to the other side of town, you can be sure a ride on a BMW will always be a ride to remember. The book and app capture that sensation in all its variety and uniqueness.

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